PARACHUTE World Cup  SERIES




The predecessor of the todays Parachute World Cup Series is the EuropaCup - International Accuracy Parachuting Competition. The EuropaCup himself previously was the so called Alpe-Adria-Cup, witch was founded in the 90`s.


Five Organizers arranged the EuropaCup from 2001 inclusive 2004 as the biggest Competitive accuracy landing in the world. The locations of this event were and are still...


  • Belluno (Italy)

  • Lesce / Bled (Slovenia)

  • Locarno (Switzerland)

  • Thalgau / Lochen / Zell am See /  (Austria)

  • Rijeka / Male Losin (Croatia)



Since 2005 Altenstadt (Germany/Bavaria) is the sixth Organizer and belongs firm to the program of the EuropaCup (EC)


In 2007 the Great Competition evolves: EuropaCup became Parachute World Cup Series.



Allowed to join the competition is every team or single jumper witch is well timed announced. According to their place in each individual competition the entrants (team/single) score corresponding to the Rules of the Parachute World Cup Series . 


The five best results out of six competitions in one year will be evaluated.

According to our experience the best professional  and also ambitious hobby teams from Europe and beyond take part on the event.


Following classifications will be hold:



  • Men

  • Women

  • Master (from 50th birthday in current year)

  • Juniors (up to 24th birthday in current year)



All absolute World Cup winners will be honoured traditional after the World Cup finale in Locarno.



Events 2013:


  1.  Rijeka (CRO)   14-15-16 June
  2.  Lesce (SLO) 28-29-30 June
  3.  Altenstadt (GER) 12-13-14 July
  4.  Belluno (ITA)  09-10-11 August
  5 Thalgau (AUT) 06-07-08 September
  6.  Locarno (SUI) 27-28-29 September




For the World Cup (interim-)results click here.








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